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So you're ready
to plan a trip?

Here's what you

can expect!

Planning is easy with Vic's Vacations!
Give us your budget and wish list... we take it from there!

  • Welcome! You've completed the first step. So glad you're here!

  • Next we'll ask you to fill out the intake form on our "Contact" page. This is where you'll provide us the nuts and bolts of your trip. Who is going, when, where, budget and more! Providing us as much as you can here helps us tremendously in the quoting process.

  • Once we are to your inquiry one of the agents at Vic's Vacations will be in touch!

  • From there we'll communicate to ensure we understand your wish list, that your budget aligns with the type of trip you hope to take and we'll be ready to begin!

  • We will send you a $100 invoice for our planning fee. This is for new clients only.

  • Once you have paid your invoice we'll begin quoting. 

  • Quoting looks different for every client/type of trip. For tropical vacations we'll typically provide three initial options for resorts that seem to fit your trip needs best! Europe clients will be presented some initial sample structures for their trip, then be provided a full itinerary. Clients will go back and forth with their agent modifying, adjusting or simply approving the proposal that matches them perfectly!

  • Once a proposal is approved by the client, you'll fill out an intake form with all details needed to make the booking.

  • Last we book!

  • Post booking we provide all tips, resources and support to ensure you feel comfortable and confident going into your trip. We will always be an email or call away to support you leading up to your trip.

  • During travel we will be a resource for you should something go wrong.

  • Then... we'll do it all again when the travel bug bites!

Vic’s Vacations is a full service luxury travel agency. 


We curate personalized travel itineraries for individuals, couples, families, and groups to destinations around the world. 


Whether you’re planning a trip to the Caribbean, Europe, a cruise or a large destination wedding, one of our agents will be able to provide a full concierge service and customized experience allowing you the ability to focus on the trip itself and not the logistics that go into planning. 


Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to help you plan the memories you deserve. 


Vic, Jess and Katie. 

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