HI! I'm very excited to get to your inquiry and begin this process together. Before you fill out this form, I do have one thing I hope you'll truly hear: 




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As a small business owner I pour my heart and soul into my clients. I treat each quote with the attention and care it deserves as memories for clients to hold forever. However, unfortunately some potential clients don't value my time the way I intend to value their trip. I do not get paid until after a trip has been completed. That means when I spend hours curating the perfect trip for you, I'm not getting paid. During the quoting process I am working for free in good faith that your request for a quote means you are interested in working with me from the quoting process through travel. If you are here to price shop or to get ideas of what a trip could look like- ask me. Send me a message saying that, and ask if I can share example pricing- I'm more than happy to. I continue to not charge fees for most trips for my services while many other agents do for this very reason. I ask that you allow me to pour everything I have into your trip, but only if you are here for me to do that. Thank you so much for supporting my dreams, now let's get on to yours! 

Lastly, please note that due to an increased number of current inquires, my response time for new inquiries is at 2 weeks. 

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Please give me up to two weeks for a response. Can't wait to start planning together!