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The investment of travel comes with many unforeseen possibilities. Many are phenomenal memories and experiences, but if something goes wrong you'll be very glad you had insurance.

PRICING (subject to change):

  • Sandals/Beaches

    • $114 per adult

    • $94 per child

  • Fun and Sun all inclusive trips

    • Pricing depends on cost of trip/destination (We always quote trips with this price included)

  • Disney

    • $82.50 per adult

    • $6 per child

  • Arch Insurance

    • Full coverage insurance to cover any type of trip

      • Price is based off of trip cost (I will quote out per individual basis)

      • On average between $80-$200 per guest


If you have air only often this policy will be cheaper than the one offered by the airline. Compare at checkout to see!

What does Insurance cover?

  • Medical expenses, hospitalization $20,000+

  • Medical evacuations 

  • Missed connections

  • Lost or delayed Luggage

  • Trip interruption 

  • Cancel for any reason 

  • Much more.

*  Different policies offer different coverage amounts as well as situations to be covered. Please consult your specific policy for exact details. The above are generalizations seen across many different policies.


Please note the following:

  • We recommend travel insurance on all trips, especially when leaving the country.

  • If you decline insurance we will ask that you sign a waiver indicating that decision. 

  • If you choose to DECLINE travel insurance now and decide to add it beyond 14 days of booking because you’ve changed your mind we can absolutely add it; however, please note that any pre-existing conditions (even if they are controlled now, you don't know that you have them, they weren't a problem or present at time of booking and it has come up post-booking or you don't think they will be a problem at time of travel) will NOT be covered in the end should you cancel your trip. EX: You have high blood pressure but it is being controlled with meds. It's a pre-existing condition. Should your meds change or something changes your condition prior to travel and you can't go and you didn't purchase within 2 weeks of booking you won't be covered. Should you purchase at time of booking said reason would be covered.

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