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  • How much do your services cost?
    Different trips have different structures fee wise. All new clients will pay a nonrefundable $100 planning fee prior to working with our team. This is only for new clients, returning clients have this fee waved. See more details on this fee in our "Resources" section. This fee does not apply to the total cost of the trip and is a fee to begin the quoting process. After the planning fee for most trips that will be it! An all inclusive resort, a theme park, or a cruise all have built in commissions into the price of the reservation. If the trip is $5,000 online, it is $5,000 through us (or less). The only difference is we book the trip through a travel agent portal. Instead of the travel supplier keeping that commission (that you’re paying already), we keep it! You’re paying for an agent’s services, so it’s in your best interest to use one! If it's a trip to Europe or similar with many moving parts (private transfers, tours, trains, multiple cities each with their own hotel etc) there is an 8% service fee of the total cost of the trip. See terms below: Customized FIT (Foreign Independent Traveler) trips include an 8% service fee built into the total cost of the trip. While all other trips planned by Vic’s Vacations have commission fully built into the cost of the trip (all inclusive etc.) making it “free” to work with an agent as you will not be paying a dime above cost, Europe travel is much different. The built in commissions for a FIT are significantly lower than the amount of time invested by the travel agent to build. The many moving parts, changes from tour companies, train schedules, flights etc leading up to and during the trip make for a much more complicated process with significant attention to detail needed from day one of planning through the day you return. This fee would be built in by any European supplier and typically at a higher percentage. Vic’s Vacations prides itself on a transparent and fair service fee for FIT trips. Travel agents don't book airbnbs due to the liability of the property as they aren't covered by major hotel brands. However, we offer a custom itinerary and concierge service for both international and domestic locations to support these types of bookings as we know how popular this route is. For $300 we can build you a custom itinerary including suggested timing in each destination, suggested flight and train times, excursions with links to everything - it is laid out for you to book everything on your own (airbnbs are not suggested). Not included in this is servicing/problem solving during the trip - you will only get travel tips and reminder emails. The presented itinerary is not updated as you book the pieces yourself and you will need to track confirmations, meeting points, dates of and changes to your booking. This is a set package and we only have the ability to offer advice on things to book. For extra $200 ($500 total) - we will book everything for you including tours, trains, airport transfers, etc. (except airbnbs or flights) and can help service and troubleshoot with you during the trip. This includes full concierge services with updated itinerary as things are booked and access to us during the trip if disruptions/cancellations happen. You are a full client of Vic’s Vacations.
  • Why should I use a travel agent?
    We are your advocate. We are your support. We are your direct contact. We help during the good times planning for your trip, and should something go wrong leading up to or during your trip we’re the ones to fix it… not a 1-800 number. Our goal is to ultimately save you time, energy, and hopefully money (whether through tips and tricks, upgrades only we have access to with suppliers, or possibly by bundling air with a hotel to get a bulk rate deal). The knowledge that we have through first hand experiences along with training and constant education means you won’t fall victim to a resort that looks less appealing than it did online, and you’ll have an expert behind the selection of your resort! You will know throughout the process of working together and especially during travel you have someone to support you.
  • What does using a travel agent look like?
    When you contact us you’ll provide initial information such as where you’d like to go, who is going, dates… as much as you know at the time. We’ll take that information to have a conversation with you asking questions to get a picture of what it is you truly want out of your trip. You'll pay our new client planning fee of $100, then instead of you researching we get to work. We’ll create a custom quote with typically a few different options that we feel match your wish list. We’ll explain the differences between your options so you can make an informed decision. If you like those options- great we move on! If not, we start over! Our job is to bring you a home run… we won’t stop until we do! Once you’ve determined which option you want to proceed with we will book your trip with a deposit. As we prepare for your vacation we supply travel tips and tricks, learning materials for destinations that require you to really plan ahead, and of course reminders of deadlines. Once it’s time for your trip you’ll have your travel details, and have a fantastic trip. The biggest thing to note is that we are ALWAYS an email, call or text message away from our clients at all times.
  • What makes you different from other travel agencies?
    I’m glad you asked! The two biggest things would be the video tutorials/information we provide to clients and our accessibility. When you book a trip with us you create a relationship with us as your mentor and advocate from the day we start communicating until the day you return home… and beyond! At Vic’s Vacations we pride ourselves on long term relationships with clients. We are not here to book your trip and wish you well, we’re here to ensure you have a phenomenal travel experience and return home wanting to do it again.
  • What information should I have prior to contacting you?
    Who is traveling When (approximate or solidified) Where you’d like to go (specific or broad) A realistic budget An idea of what you want your trip to look like as far as experience, memories created, vibe you’d like.
  • You mention a realistic budget, what is that?
    It’s a budget that would encompass the wish list you actually have. It’s fine to have a lower budget for an all inclusive destination for example, but we just need to be realistic about what it is you want. A $2500 budget for a week-long trip in overwater bungalows with flights and transfers for example would be unrealistic. We are always happy to give examples of what specific types of trips cost, we just ask that clients think about what is the amount they are truly able and willing to spend on the experiences they are looking for. Keep in mind peak travel times cost more than off season, too. We will always do our best to give you the maximum vacation for the budget you have. See the sample pricing resource provided below:
  • Do I have to pay for the trip up front?
    No! Suppliers all have different deposit amounts depending on the type of trip. A typical deposit would fall anywhere between $98 and $500.
  • Can I make payments on my trip?
    Absolutely! Trips typically need to be paid between 30-60 prior to arrival. Many clients opt to break those final payments into more manageable amounts. It’s as simple as letting your agent know when you’re ready to make a payment and the amount- we take care of the rest!
  • I found the same trip cheaper online. Can you price match it?
    Yes and no. Should you find your same trip cheaper online it’s important to check a few things: What do the flight times look like? Sometimes a cheap bundled trip has 18 hour flights with overnight layovers. That flight will certainly cost less than a typical flight time we book for clients. What are the flight restrictions- can you pick seats, luggage restrictions, etc? What room category is offered? Is it a non-refundable option? VERY important to know this. Is insurance included? If so, what does the insurance policy cover? Are transfers included? Are they nonstop or shared? If the trip is apples to apples, meaning the exact same details above match mine then we can usually put in a request for a price match. Oftentimes if there is a price discrepancy it’s minimal. If the trip is cheaper and we are unable to price match it just keep in mind if something goes wrong with your trip a call to us to help fix the situation is much less stressful than a call center.
  • Do I really need to purchase travel insurance?
    YES. YES. YES. Travel insurance is just like house and auto insurance. You don’t want to pay for it, but if you need it you’re glad you have it. Simply put- travel is an investment. It is something you’ve saved, sacrificed, and planned for. Unfortunately travel plans can be impacted in many ways. What if you: Get sick/injured before or during your trip? Miss a connection? Have a flight delayed missing the start of your trip? Breakup with your travel companion and have to cancel? Have to leave early to tend to someone at home? Your bags are lost, stolen, or delayed? You simply can’t go on your trip last minute? Travel insurance in most cases will help you through all of the above scenarios that could really impact your trip. We invite you to watch the video on the Travel Insurance page under the Resources tab for further details about how Travel Insurance can protect you financially.
  • I’m a type A personality and like having full control over my trip which is why I book on my own. How can you help?
    We actually have quite a few clients just like this. They tell us exactly what they want- this resort, this flight, etc. The only thing they don’t have control over is physically making the credit card payment to the supplier as we do that for them. The reason they choose to book with me and not on their own is for the support if something does go wrong, and for a personable relationship with someone to ask questions to/run ideas by when planning their trip. Note we have a self-booking portal with supports that a lot of our planning clients have opted to use. They can plan the details and have full control, but should they need support their agent has full access to their trip and can advocate on their behalf to a hotel or supplier!
  • What does booking a group trip or wedding through you look like?
    LESS STRESS. Booking a group is stressful. You have 10, 20, 50, 100 people to keep track of. The group emails become convoluted, the questions are endless, and the changes get debilitating to handle if not prepared for them. When you’re a group leader or a bride you pass the bookings to us. We book each room individually keeping all itineraries organized. We handle transfers and rooming arrangements for all clients. The group leader then receives all of this information to keep track of while on their trip. Should the group be large enough to warrant support you can request your agent to travel with the group to help make the check in process, transfers, and events throughout the trip easier. *This comes with an added fee.
  • What host travel agency do you work for?
    Vic's Vacations works underneath Bethany Travel based out of Millsboro, DE. The owner of the agency, Cindy, has been a mentor to Vic throughout her journey as an agent. The great part about working with a host agency is that there is experience with all types of destinations by many seasoned agents. Whether you book with one of the agents at Vic's Vacations, or one of our colleagues you'll be in fantastic hands.
  • How do I know which agent I should work with?
    Any of the agents at Vic's Vacations will give you the personalized experience you are looking for. We each have our own strengths and areas of expertise. If you aren't sure who to work with, simply select "any" when completing your contact form. This allows us to look at your inquiry and make an introduction to the agent who would be the right fit for the type of trip you are planning to take.
  • Do you do last minute bookings?
    Certainly we can accomodate a last minute booking request; however, if the travel dates are within 45 days of travel there is an up front, nonrefundable $200 deposit. This protects the integrity of our planning process and assures us your intentions to travel. Should you travel half of the deposit goes towards the final payment of your trip. The other half will remain a service fee.
  • I booked on my own, now I need help!
    A few suppliers allow travel agents to take over bookings after they've been booked. Below you'll find the details for each option! Sandals Resorts: Within 14 days of booking you can send in an email requesting your agent of choice to take over your reservation. Disney Vacations: (World, land, Cruise, Aulani, and Adventures by Disney) You have 30 days after booking to fill out a request form and email it in. Royal Caribbean: Within 30 days of booking we can take over your booking.
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