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All Inclusive vs Non All Inclusive Pricing... Let's Compare!

When looking for that next tropical escape you typically have two options as you compare resorts. Those that include food and drink (All inclusive) and those that don’t (EP/European Plan).

Pricing typically is very drastic between the two, but for good reason. 

Let’s identify which is best for you!

First: No two resorts are the same… doesn’t matter if food is included. They just aren’t. That’s why working with a travel agent is so important.

The biggest downside to a non all inclusive resorts we have to talk about is price point. You might think you’re getting a better price by going that way, but in reality the food/drink cost can sneak up on you creating a much higher priced trip than planned. 

See this Instagram post breaking down the cost a couple might spend in one day at the beautiful Baha Mar in Nassau, Bahamas. While we love this resort, the cost of food and drink can really add up.

To decide which is right for you here are the questions I want you to ask yourself:

  1. Am I going to drink on this vacation?

  2. Will I diminish the experience by downgrading what I eat/drink? (Skipping salmon your salad because the up-charge is $20 when you really want a salad with fish on it!)

  3. Do I want to leave the resort to eat locally?

  4. Will I feel comfortable with bar tabs and dining bills on vacation, or will they frustrate me?

  5. Do I want to pay for my trip before hand and be done, or does paying for lodging ahead of time and extras after matter? 

Those 5 questions will probably help you determine the right route for you!

Can’t wait to help you build your next dream trip… with it all included or without!



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