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Rainy Day Activities in Mexico

The rain has come and there’s no end in sight? Don’t let it get you down. Here are some activities to keep you entertained for both adults and kids. The first is on property, but trust me it’s safe to leave the resort so GO DO IT (especially if we’re looking at multiple days of rain).

  1. Enjoy a rainy day at the resort. 

    1. Check on your hotel app or talk to the concierge to see what activities they are hosting during the day. Often during the rain they’ll bring out more things to do. Some things I’ve seen: Cooking classes, cocktail making classes, painting, dance lessons etc. The kids club will often move activities to the lobby, too!

    2. Play cards in the rain. Both Uno and regular playing cards come in plastic versions. We LOVE these. (Of course regular playing cards in the lobby work inside, too!)

    3. Games! The concierge/lobby/kids club often has games- go play!

    4. Spa: Of course the spa will be harder to get into, but try to get a spa day. Don’t forget the hydrotherapy.

    5. Gym: Make it a long workout day.

    6. Netflix and Eat: Order room service, open your door to hear the rain and catch up on the shows you never have time to watch. Take it as a sign to slow down. 

    7. Do a food or bar crawl. Look at the options around the resort and do a crawl through them. One item/drink at each. Make it a game that suits your style of eating/drinking. 

  2. Go to a Cenote! A rain day is a GREAT day to do a tour of an underground cave! Talk to the tour operator in the front lobby about securing a tour. The Cenotes are beautiful rain or shine so get out and explore!

  3. Interactive Aquarium of Cancun About 30 minutes away from the hotel zone in Cancun and located inside a shopping mall.

  4. Go Shopping! There are plenty of malls so based on your hotel location ask the concierge about the nearest one and make a day of it. Buy an extra suitcase if you need and get some retail therapy. 

  5. Rent a car! I’ve rented cars multiple times from resorts- it’s very easy. Sometimes they have them on property ready to go, other times they call a rental company to drop one off for you. It’s reasonable. Go explore! (Yes, it’s safe just make sure you’re not doing things you shouldn’t do!) 

  6. Do a local food tour. If you get the rental car go try different authentic food. Hop from taco shop to taco shop to try authentic food. It’s night and day from the resort.

  7. Go to the movies. Some of the shows will be in English, while others will have English subtitles. Make an afternoon of fun by seeing a new film.

  8. Take a cooking class! Your concierge or tour operator in the lobby should be able to help you identify a class to take. It could be with a local or even at a school. Ask if they know of any options. 

  9. Go explore the Museo Maya de Cancun which is a history museum filled with Mayan culture artifacts. 

I know the rain seems like the last thing you want on vacation, but it’s part of going to a tropical region (especially June-October). Embrace it, find the silver lining and do something outside of your comfort zone!

XO Vic

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