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5 Tips for Solo Travel

The age old question: I want to travel, but I don’t have a travel companion. Should I go? YES. The answer is always yes!

Let’s get rid of a few misconceptions right off the bat:

  • No it isn’t scary

  • Yes you can do it

  • Yes you should do it

  • Having or not have a travel companion doesn’t define how your travel experience will be.

If you want a lengthier article, here’s one I contributed to with Explore about all things solo travel. If you want the cliff notes and 5 tips here they are:

  1. Just go. Seriously, it’s that easy. Start small. I wouldn’t suggest a 7 country backpacking adventure for your first trip. If you’re not an experienced traveler just go to Mexico. Reach out to us to help find the right hotel and just go. Learn to walk the streets alone, learn to go to dinner or a bar alone. Start small. If you’re experienced, do an easy city like London, Rome or Barcelona with simple day trips planned in.

  2. Be aware. I don’t want you to be paranoid, but I do need you to be aware. It’s easy to spot someone walking alone vs in a group. As long as that’s in the back of your mind somewhere you’re okay. If something seems off, it probably is. 

  3. Plan. Planning ahead of time can help get rid a lot of the nerves. An agenda, itinerary, the locations/contacts all planned out. It will help avoid being nervous on top of being potentially a bit uncomfortable. 

  4. Share the plans. Be sure someone at home has your plans. Knowing where you’re supposed to be from your plans and checking them on your phone for security isn’t a bad idea. 

  5. Be smart. Don’t broadcast to the world you’re solo. Say your friends are joining you later in the day if you make friends at a bar. Don’t tell people you’re staying solo at the hotel across the street. Using a little common sense about safety. 

Bonus tip 6. Social media is a great tool to share your experiences and connect with other travelers, but it’s also a tool that should be used with caution. If you’re sharing your adventures online with your location, share it delayed to avoid unwanted attention to your location.

Just remember, whether you’re waiting for that special someone to travel the world with or you’re simply in a different place in life than your friends to be able to travel, the world is waiting for you… you just have to commit to seeing it.

Safe travels,


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