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Spring Break/Flying with kids tips

Updated: Mar 1

You’re about to hit the skies with your kids for spring break, here are 3 travel tips to ensure you have a smooth flight! 

  1. Snacks. This sounds so simple, yet it really is the difference maker between a successful day and one with meltdowns. It doesn’t matter if your flight is at 5am, your kids are going to want a snack. They’re bored, they’re jazzed up and that’s their go to ask. Rather than get stuck buying $30 worth of junk at Hudson News, plan ahead. Make a tackle box like this with easy to open snacks that they can eat while in the air or on your layover. (Don’t have a tackle box, just fill a gallon zip lock with a bunch of snack sized ones!)

  2. Toys/crafts. I get it… the iPad is an easy solution, but I challenge you to bring activities to keep them entertained. Part of the enjoyment of travel is experiencing it, so allow your kids to be aware of what’s going on around them. I swear by Imagine Ink coloring books for my 6 year old and typical coloring books along with these twistable colored pencils for my 9 year old! The dollar spot at Target and the Dollar Tree are my go to locations for cheap and easy activities. (Play-dough, mini lego sets, etc!)

  3. PLAN. I’m not joking. Plan. Think through the trip and what components you NEED TO PLAN FOR:

  4. Seat assignments. Have your seat assignments changed since you last checked? Are you still sitting by your children? CHECK NOW.

  5. Charged electronics. If you’re going the iPad route, make sure you charge it. (Also don't forget to connect any bluetooth electronics PRIOR to travel day).

  6. Gum. Raise your hand if you’ve forgotten gum for your kids and had to buy it for $4 in the airport… me too. 

  7. Changing temperatures. It’ll be cold leaving in the morning so have layers on, you’ll be hot when you land. Do you have a bag to hold those coats in? 

  8. Talk through the trip with your kids. This sounds silly, but especially if you have younger ones or first time travelers talk through the entire process with them from arrival at the airport to arrival at the hotel. What can they expect in security, boarding the airplane, importance of going to the bathroom prior to getting on the flight or in the transfer etc. Simply talking through the trip PRIOR to traveling helps your children better understand what is happening and when they understand what’s going on, it makes the situation less stressful for parents. 

Bonus tip: Backup your phone prior to your trip and ensure you have enough space to handle the influx of photos/videos. If not, start deleting things you don’t necessarily need to accommodate. 

Check out our News Segment on Indy Now talking all things flying with kids! (It’s a downloadable link!) 

I hope these tips help you navigate your Spring Break getaway!

Xo Vic

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