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GUYS... She doesn't want candy/flowers for Valentines Day... SHE WANTS A VACATION WITH YOU.

Never fear, Vic's Vacations is here.

It really is this simple. Look at the sample pricing below to get an idea of what a trip costs. You don't need to plan it entirely without her, but I would suggest being prepared to gift it to her.

A few things to think about when picking out a vacation for your significant other:

  • Think about her vacation style. Will she be at the pool all day or the beach? If so picking the resort that matches that is important!

  • Would she want to visit the spa? Let's get you a great one then!

  • When is the best time of year for her to leave? If you have kids, talk to grandma about when she could watch them!

  • Does she have a passport? If not, plan on a few months out.

I cannot stress enough. Mental load on women is extraordinary. Daily task of laundry, kids, to do lists consume us. Giving the break we need to unwind and relax is such a re-set.

So this year instead of flowers, here's what you're going to do:

Look at the sample resorts below to get some inspiration. You can't go wrong with either of these!

If you're ready to start planning head to our self booking portal to begin playing with dates/prices. Want a little more help? Reach out for a quote from us here. Providing budget and wish list and we do the rest.

Once you've identified or booked the right trip give her this poem on a card. (YES, I'm making it that easy for you to simply sign your name!)

If you are brazen enough to book this without her knowing please just ensure you've done your due diligence of dates, checking to see if her passport is expired and confirming child care. If not, simply providing her the idea and saying you're going to plan it (don't put it on her to plan, this is your gift) is perfect!

Can't wait to see you get the biggest smile and thank you for the most wonderful gift!

Cheers! Vic

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